Margaritaville - New Orleans

On Thanksgiving Day, 2003, we floated to the Crescent City and paddled our way down to the French Quarter to Margaritaville for Thanksgiving Dinner.  A half pound of peel and eat shrimp, and an order of conch fritters for starters, followed by the chef's special of the day:  cherry wood smoked turkey!  What a feast.  The only disappointment was discovering that the store was closed.  And then more rain.  There is always something special about the French Quarter.  But in the rain it is truly magical.

Decor at New Orleans Margaritaville

Jimmy's seaplane really dominates the decor.

Decor at New Orleans Margaritaville

Didn't you always know it would be like this?


Decor at New Orleans Margaritaville

No way it could be MY fault!

New Orleans Margaritaville Jeep

I had always admired pictures of this from the web.  I wonder if I can afford to get the Fruitcakemobile done.

The Mayor stands by the Margaritaville Jeep

For all those doubting Thomases out there.  Yes.  The Mayor was really there.

The First Lady and Mayor at the entrance to New Orleans Margaritaville

And I even took the First Lady!  That lucky, lucky girl!

Back entrance to New Orleans Margaritaville

So which do you prefer:  Casual dining or live music?

The First Lady preparing to leave New Orleans Margaritaville

The First Lady ponders the prospect of a quick run for the car:  about 5 blocks away.

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