Margaritaville - Key West

We were in Key West the first week of December.  The place was filled with Parrotheads.  Naturally.  So it was a little crowded in our favorite restaurant.  But after a short wait, we managed to get a table.  About the time I finished my blackened mahi mahi the band had taken the stage.  Several margaritas and Red Stripes later we went into the store to make a few purchases.  As we walked back to our Bed and Breakfast, Duvall Street was buzzing with talk that "Jimmy is in town!"  Well, that was enough for me.  I alternated between prowling Duvall and popping into the Margaritaville bar for a cold Red Stripe.  I made lots of new friends, but I never saw Bubba.  Maybe next time.

The First Lady on Duvall Street outside Margaritaville

On the lee side of Duvall, nestled just between Fleming & Southard Streets, lies that One Particular Harbour.

Key West Margaritaville Hurricane Party Bar

The Hurricane Party was in full swing at the Parrothead Bar.

Decor in Key West Margaritaville

The decor is strictly seafaring.

Ceiling in Key West Margaritaville

If you look up and think the room is spinning, it could just be the ceiling!

Rest Rooms 2 Miles.jpg (597628 bytes) Restrooms upstairs.jpg (585244 bytes) Still Looking for the Restroom.jpg (600720 bytes) Almost there.jpg (617184 bytes)

The first sign says "Restroom 2 miles."  An exaggeration.  But as you can see, just barely.

The band at Key West Margaritaville

Who is that masked man on the drums?

Guitar Player at Key West Margaritaville

Although I never learned his name, the guitar player really cooked.

The Stage at Key West Margaritaville

I cannot recall the name of the band, but they rocked the house down.

Decor at Key West Margaritaville

There's a gecko goin' crazy on Caroline Street.  Hmm . . .  Must be the Margaritaville Tequila.

The front room at Key West Margaritaville

Margaritaville in Key West.  It just doesn't get any better.

The Mayor props up the Duval Street sign at Key West Margaritaville

The Mayor props up the street sign.  Or is that the other way around.

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