2006 Concert

On April 28, 2006 Jimmy and the Coral Reefers kicked off the Party at the End of the World Tour in style at the Smirnoff Music Center in Dallas, Texas.  Jimmy played several numbers that I had never heard before, including "Floridays" and "Jamaica Mistaica."  As a bonus, the Coral Reefers out-rocked Little Feat with what may be the best version of "Dixie Chicken"  I have ever heard.  We all know what great songs Jimmy writes himself.  But he also specializes in "covering" songs better than the original artists.  Remember "Railroad Lady?"  Or "Uncle John's Band?"  Or "Sunny Afternoon?"  And who could forget "Southern Cross" or "Brown-Eyed Girl?"  All are better than the original versions.  I know I didn't list them all, but this is a web site, not a treatise.  A big Fins-Up to the Boss for all those great retro-fits! 

Maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed the crowd was bigger this year at Smirnoff than any I ever remember.  Surely it was my imagination, because this concert, like all those others, was a complete sell-out.  But there were so many revelers in the parking lot, I think maybe a lot more people who couldn't get concert tickets turned out just for the tail-gating action.  Regardless. it was great fun, and, it just keeps getting better and better every year.  Here are a few photos of the annual parking lot madness, but this year I saved most of my photographic efforts for the concert.  

This year marked the 12th Buffett concert for the Fruitcakemobile.  The severe rainstorms before the concert were kind of hard on the artwork.  Wiped it out in fact.  But the decorating job remains a regular part of the ritual that for us is a Jimmy Buffett concert.  Be sure to take plenty of time to enjoy the concert pictures, because there are a lot.  For the benefit of our bandwidth-impaired friends still doddering around hyperspace with dial-up, I have split up the concert photos into several separate pages of thumbnails.  Each of the photos below contain a hyperlink that will take you to those different pages where you can click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized pictures.  If you derive even 1% of the enjoyment from seeing them that I did from taking them, then the experience has been well worth it for us both.  I'm already looking forward to the next time.  How 'bout you?



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